EIDW RW10R missing?

I just flew into Dublin in the iniBuilds A300 on X-Plane 11, using current airac cycle 2112.
The waypoint “RW10R”, part of the ILS 10R, appeared with null coordinates, which created a ~3000NM leg into Accra FIR where I was not planning to go :wink:
I thought I had done something wrong, but clearing the approach and inserting it again resulted in the same mishap. In addition, typing “RW10R” in the PROG page, where one can usually get the BRG/DIST from the runway, resulted in the “not in database” error when I tried typing RW10R or EIDW10R into it.
Please let me know if I should try something else in order to help debugging.
Happy holidays Navigraph!

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