Xp11 ssg 748 lfpg star


X-Plane 11.53, SSG 748 v2.3 (but the issue is older), win 10.

It’s not new but I’m not sure it’s been reported yet.

The FMC STAR display for LFPG is wrong on the SSG B748.
First it doens’t show them all. Try looking for the TINI9W ILS26L for exemple, you will be unable to select it because it does not show. You can see it’s is here while browsing the STAR prior to select the runway, then it disappears from the list. You will have to enter it manually.
Second, when chosing the transition the display is like I26L OKIPA whereas it should be like OKIP7W, or OKIP7E… for exemple because there’s many in Paris.
It means we are unable to chose the correct transition, we need to try and retry to get the good one, or enter it manually.

I hope you’ll look into it one day.
I also reported it to SSG support forum (FMC STAR display bug LFPG - Boeing 747-8 - X-Plane.Org Forum).

Not sure where the bug is but would be great if both parties had a look at it.

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The data exists in f:\X-Plane 11\Custom Data\UFMC\proc\lfpg.dat :

5, TINIL,010, TINIL, 47.588889,   5.098611,    ,IF, ,000,000.000,000.0,000.0, 0.000000,000.0,000, ,00000,00000,00000, ,0,0
5, TINIL,020, FF302, 47.736944,   4.912778,    ,TF, ,000,000.000,000.0,000.0, 0.000000,000.0,280,-,28000,00000,00000, ,0,0
5, TINIL,040, NANOP, 48.261944,   4.239444,    ,TF, ,000,000.000,000.0,000.0, 0.000000,000.0,000, ,00000,00000,00000, ,0,0
5, TINIL,050, FF301, 48.347500,   4.083611,    ,TF, ,000,000.000,000.0,000.0, 0.000000,000.0,250,-,16000,00000,00000, ,0,0
5, TINIL,070, URELO, 48.538833,   3.732028,    ,TF, ,000,000.000,000.0,000.0, 0.000000,000.0,000,-,12000,00000,00000, ,0,0
5, TINIL,090, OKIPA, 48.611306,   3.563500,    ,TF, ,000,000.000,000.0,000.0, 0.000000,000.0,000,B,11000,07000,00000, ,0,0
[IAP/R26L  /RW26L /OKI6W/A/]
A, OKI6W,010, OKIPA, 48.611306,   3.563500,    ,IF, ,000,000.000,000.0,000.0, 0.000000,000.0,250,B,11000,07000,00000, ,0,0
A, OKI6W,020, PG522, 48.784500,   3.412722,    ,TF, ,000,000.000,000.0,000.0, 0.000000,000.0,000, ,00000,00000,00000, ,0,0
A, OKI6W,030, PG522, 48.784500,   3.412722,PGS ,FM, ,329,000.000,033.8,111.2, 0.000000,000.0,000, ,00000,00000,00000, ,0,0
A, OKI6W,040, PG441, 49.016278,   3.018889,PGS ,CF, ,264,000.000,015.6,085.2, 0.000000,008.0,000,+,04000,00000,00000,D,0,0

So I suspect the SSG 748 UFMC isn’t reading it correctly. Suggest pursuing it in their forum.


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Thank you, I forward it to them.