In the latest update, i have no data for SBGR in the FMC on any of my aircraft.
No SIDs or STARs.
The charts all show various sids/stars, but the fmc displays none at all.

This is the first time this has happened to me, i havent seen it at any other airport.

Has the data for this airport been missed in the latest cycle?

P3Dv4.5, PMDG all products, QW787.

Just like to add, I rolled back to cycle 2208 and all data is there.

SBGR appears to be missing only from 2209.

and you can confirm, that this same happens in the QW787 also? Because the runways were changed at SBGR and it´s possible that you must re-create the runway file in the PMDG. Has nothing todo with us it´s a PMDG feature … therefore the question about the QW787 because this addon doesn´t have this runway re-creation tool and don´t need it - therefore it should be working in the QW787

Here the link for the PMDG:


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Works in qw787, finger trouble on my end causing it not to display.

Have follow the link you sent, all works now.
Of all the years of using pmdg products, this is the first time I’ve encountered this issue.

Thank you.

Great, thanks for the feedback … yes, this is a very “hidden” PMDG feature :slight_smile: … but I´m honestly, you don´t need it very often :slight_smile:

Anyways, glad when it´s solved now … by the way, the runway idents are changed at SBGR with the current cycle :slight_smile:


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