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I need clarification on what is available right now for MSFS running on an Xbox s. I know developers are working on various aircraft, but which native aircraft does Navigraph work with. I see mention of the Longitude and TBM930 but does it work right now? I do see the dimmed charts icon in the MFD. Also, I know there are limitations on what it will do running on the console, but it looks like you can access Navigraph on the aircraft screens, correct? I’ve tried to find yes/ no answers but have been unable to as of yet. Thanks.

Hi Perry! Welcome to the forum.

Currently, our plugin works for any MSFS addon that uses the Working Title G3000 and G5000 avionics. This comes down to the two aircraft that you have so far mentioned, as well as the Hjet and Vision jet by FlightFX.

The plugin works on XBox too, but there’s a catch! Microsoft won’t let us publish the plugin in the marketplace at the moment, so there is no way for us to distribute the plugin to the XBox platform.
They have promised to look into it, but they have also mentioned that it is currently “on hold”.

This means that currently, the only way to get our plugins working on XBox is if the developers of the addons add the plugin themselves and distribute it together with the addon, which is what FlightFX is doing. Additionally, any developer may integrate our services without using our plugins. JustFlight is one developer who is currently doing this.

In addition to Navigraph integrations, some aircraft like the ATR is receiving SimBrief integrations despite being developed “in-house” by Microsoft/Asobo.

So to conclude: it depends :slight_smile:

At the moment, if an addon supports Navigraph integrations on XBox, they will most likely mention that themselves. A couple of addons that are known to have working integrations on XBox would be:

  • FFX Vision Jet
  • FFX HJet
  • Any JustFlight addon that includes their EFB (such as the PA-28 and the whisper jet)

Once Microsoft allows us to publish our plugins on the marketplace, there will eventually be support for all the default aircraft that we support or plan to support on the PC version of the simulator.
This includes the G1000, G3000 and G5000 avionics, as well as potential support for the Proline avionics found in the CJ4.

As far as we know, the platform (XBox) in itself is not going to be a limiting factor in any way. Based on what we have seen so far, any plugin that we build for the default aircraft on PC will work on XBox as well! It’s just a question of distribution, which is not under our control.

I hope this clears things up! Feel free to ask more questions if I missed something.

Kind Regards,

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