Xbox MSFS Navigraph external tablet

It would be great to have full msfs Xbox Navigraph functionality, including moving maps, on a tablet such as an iPad. Hoping this wishlist item has potential since WASM is now available.


Hi! Thanks for the suggestion.

With its current regulations/restrictions, we will never be able to bring our products to the XBox platform directly. There is unfortunately nothing we can do to change this.

However, when 3rd party developers include our avionics plugin that was released just minutes ago into their aircraft, and then proceed to publish this aircraft on the marketplace, you will have the ability to turn on moving maps in the plugin settings!

This is, at least for now, the only option we can provide for XBox users. We’re sorry for this inconvenience, but rest assured that we’ll always be on the lookout for new opportunities to bring Navigraph services to XBox.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for your feedback. The plug-in is a great update and I look forward to using it! Great effort from the team on putting it together.

Is there potential for an in game Navigraph panel, to open up functionality further (eg vfr maps), or is the intention more to utilise through the avionics systems?

Unfortunately, the in-game panel is an example of something that we will never be able to release on XBox, at least not in its current state. Again, this is because the marketplace would not allow it as they do not permit freeware or subscription services.

That said, there are third-party developers that are working on integrating both our charts and maps into their aircraft, some of which will be released on XBox!

The plugin will provide charts and a SimBrief integration for the aircraft that uses it, along with moving maps that can be used with external applications like Navigraph Charts. No VFR map is included, however.