X to close & quit SimBrief downloader instead of minimize to tray

I’d like to ask for a change of the behavior of the X button in the SimBrief Downloader: currently, when I click it, the software does not actually quit, but minimizes to tray and keeps running. So to shut it down, I have to right click the tray item and click “Quit”. Same thing when I want to close it with ALT+F4, it does not shut down but keeps running in the tray. This is really inconvenient, as I expect software to shut down, when I close it.

So please, provide an option to actually shut down the software by clicking X instead of just minimizing it and making us go through the inconvenience of going through the system tray. Other programs provide both: X to quit and another button to minimize to tray. Would love to see a similar little feature!

Thank you,

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Small addition to not create separate threads: The FMS Data Manager, Navdata Center and Simlink show the same behavior. The only Navigraph software, that does it correctly, is the Navigraph Charts software, which quits when clicking X or pressing ALT+F4.

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Can´t speak for Simbrief, but all these three applications you mentioned should be run in the background - there are partly a few feature which are only work, when the app runs in the background (ie. notification when an app-update is available, auto-prioritization in MSFS, …). So this is not a bug … when you really want to close it, you must quit it manually … but again, than you loose a few functions and such apps which are running in the background has normally no performance or memory impact. .


Thanks for the reply. I prefer to run only what I need for the moment. For the FMS Updates, I open them once a month, update the navdata and close it again. That is totally fine for me, I don’t need a notification on updates.

I am aware, that it is not a bug, but for me, there is no reason to keep the programs running when they finish their work. I know I can close them from them tray but I specifically asked, whether there could a possibility in the future, to just quit directly from the program window. If not, well too bad, it won’t kill me :wink: