Is there any way to get STARs in Singapore WSSS to show up now that there is no content.xml to play with? Using ImagineSim WSSS scenery 2.0.0 with all runways.

I don´t have the scenery from ImagineSim but when the runways and the runway-idents are correct you should see all STARs. Also the content.xml file still exist and is still important.

Can you confirm, that you have following runways:
02L, 02C, 02R and 20R, 20C, 20L

I have the 3rd party scenery from CloudSurf Asia Simulations WSSS installed

… and here, I see all STARs:

Please make also sure, that you have added your scenery in the content.xml file correctly. Here an example:

Important is:

  1. the navigraph-navdata-base package must be on the first place (priority=“1”)
  2. the navigraph-navdata package must be on the last place (highest priority number)

All 3rd party sceneries must be between … after that re-start your sim and it should work (again, when the runways are really existing and the idents are correct).

Hope that helps!


Oh well, I thought the content.xml had been replaced by the Package reorder tool in some of the past updates. But I found it, edited as you said and it worked!

Strangely enough there were no other addons packages listed except Navigraph, and now my Singapore scenery.

Thanks for help!

Yeah, it´s possible with the re-order tool too somehow but I haven´t any idea how this tool exactly works. What the numbering minus and plus means, what is higher what is lower, why when you press on the up- and down buttons the package will be immediately set on any other place, and so on, and so on …

It´s still in beta and nothing official. The content.xml file is still valid and will be loaded during the startup, so it´s in my eyes currently the only (correct) possibility to sort the packages in the correct loading order.

I add it for all my 3rd party sceneries in the content.xml file to avoid such issues with missing procedures, double runways or similar else - just a recommendation from my side.

Anyway, fine that it´s solved - happy flying and enjoy your weekend!

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