SIDs / STARs missing for KBWI (Again)

Hey, dev here for the freeware KBWI scenery. Haven’t been around for a while, but someone commented on the scenery a day or two ago that SIDs / STARs are broken for KBWI. Loaded in and confirmed that is the case and that content.xml is properly ordered, and navdata is updated to the latest version (2205 rev 1)

Wondering what might have happened here

Okay I have traced this down to a specific package that was added in SU9

My content.xml file looked something like this:

<Package name="watsupsrinivasman-airport-kbwi-baltimore" active="true"/>
<Package name="fs-base-genericairports" active="true"/>
<Package name="navigraph-navdata" active="true"/>

I didn’t notice this at first, just looked to make sure the navigraph entry was at the bottom. Moving the fs-base-genericairports above the KBWI scenery did the trick

thanks for your update - yes, this fs-base-genericairports is new and should be always above all 3rd party sceneries. It´s unclear for me, why ASOBO doesn´t re-create the content.xml file after an SU because when you delete the content.xml file and the sim re-creates it, the ordering is correct and this package is more on the top …

But anyway, it is at it is … we can´t do anything for this but thank you very much for sharing your solution - much appreciated … I will mark your comment as “solution”.

Happy flying :wink:


Thanks for all the great work you guys do. Hopefully one day Asobo will add a graphical way to edit the content.xml file ala FS9 / FSX. The current method is not user friendly at all.

Thank you for your kind words … due your input, I have decided to add your “topic” in the FAQ and how it can be solved (the more or less easier way ;-))

Thanks again and let us know, when we can do more for you …

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