Missing STAR for WSSS (Singapore Changi)

Missing STAR for WSSS with AIRAC Cycle 2107 Rev.3. Custom scenery Cloudsurf Asia Simulation WSSS.

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You will find the answer here:


I believe Cloudsurf Asia Simulation team has added the runway in their scenery quite sometime ago. I can see those STAR before the recent update 5. Can you help verify?

you are absolutely right, sorry. I have installed the latest version now, which includes the missing runway.

I assume now, that this issue has something todo with the wrong airport reference point which ASOBO use. We have still reported this for approx 10 months.

But let me do some more checks to verify my assumption.

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FYI that Cloudsurf Asia Simulation team had advice to move the Navigraph entry to the end in the content.xml file but it didn’t work.
Additional steps i did was 1) removed the custom WSSS airport scenery, 2) close the SIM, 3) delete the content.xml, 4) restart SIM, 5) close SIM, 5) update the latest AIRAC Cycle 2107 Rev.3 with Navigraph Navdata Center, 6) restart SIM. With custom WSSS airport scenery removed, the STAR still does not show up in the SIM in the world map “TO”.
Update: removing the AIRAC usuing Navigraph Navdata Center and relaunch the SIM, even with the custom WSSS scenery, i can see the STAR in world map.

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we have figured out, when you get the WSSS-package ABOVE our package, the STARs are visible and selectable:

Due the lack of information about the order/priority of scenery files from ASOBO, I can´t explain you the why, but when you put the “CloudSurfAsia scenery” ABOVE our package, then you can select the STARs without any problems on the WorldMap, and also in all Garmins/FMC/S …

So, when your content.xml file looks like, it works:

We have now tried several things to find any explanation but nothing, the only working solution is to put the WSSS-package directly ABOVE our package. All other possible solution doesn´t work.

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Thank you. I have verified that it’s working with this solution at my end. Appreciate your effort in finding this workaround.

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