Wrong waypoint in MAP at ILS14 LSZH

X-Plane 12, G1000, AIRAC cycle 2213; loaded procedure at LSZH: ILS 14, has in the missed approach procedure an unnecessary waypoint (D-8), which needs to be deleted!

this isn´t a waypoint which we offer, nor what we have in our database. This waypoint seems to be calculated from the Garmin. A second indicator for this is that this waypoint ident doesn´t follow the standard ARINC naming convention, so not from us - please report this to the XP devs, again it´s not a waypoint which we have in our database.


Thank you Richard

so, I will check with X-Plane. Ah - maybe, I have te delete some preferences… I will try.

best regards

It’s not a named waypoint, it’s a leg termination; but it definitely comes from Navigraph data:

APPCH:045,I,I14, ,D134E,LS,P,C,EY , , ,CF, ,ZUE,LS,D, , ,2139,0131,1340,0045, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,0,D,S;
APPCH:050,I,I14, , , , , , ,L, ,CD,Y,ZUE,LS,D, , , , ,3590,0078,-,04000, , ,-,210, , , , , , , ,0,D,S;

It’s obviously placed incorrectly, this is where in should be:

I haven’t been able to check whether the issue is with the coding or an X-Plane G1000 bug, although I strongly suspect the latter.



Edit: actually, looking at the map, it’s nowhere near 7.8 DME to/from ZUE, and that part of the coding is clearly correct in the data, thus it definitely has to be an X-Plane G1000 bug.

Deleting the X-Plane.prf file didn’t help in that case. (sometimes it does!)

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