LFML SIDs - wrong waypoint

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just to inform you:

I only checked it / saw it with LittleNavMap and latest Navigraph AIRAC.

Some of the SIDs out of LFML have a waypoint “ML” inside them, which seems to be the wrong one.

  • ETRE6B
  • LERG6B
  • LUC6B
  • MADR6B

and maybe some more. In LittleNavMap it looks like this (e.g. ETRE6B):

I don’t know if it’s the same with the aircraft databases (FMS). I only checked it with LittleNavMap.

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these are not waypoint from us because we don´t have these waypoints in our source. I guess, these waypoint will be created by LittleNavMap due the leg-path but I´m not sure, from where these waypoints are. What I only can say is, not from us, sorry! :slight_smile:


Thanks Richard,

it’s hard to tell what comes from LNM and what comes from Navigraph.
Sorry for blaming you in the first place… :smile:

Anyway, strange… where ever this comes from.

No problem - I hadn´t the feeling that you want to blame us … it was a normal, valid question - so no need to apologize you. I guess, LNM generate the ident-names by itself because normally such leg-paths doesn´t have any name - the waypoint-ident is empty in this cases. Possible that LNM needs such names and therefore, the program generates these names.

ML+2, ML+3, … is also not valid in the ARINC424 standard … sorry but thanks for your feedback.


Thanks again.
The ‘blaming’ comment was just a joke. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll talk to Alex (LNM) and see if he can do something.

Best wishes.

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