Possibly stray waypoint in EGSS ILS approach

EGSS ILS Rwy 22 with the ABBOT transition - both Pilot2ATC and the WT CJ4 in MSFS display an out-of-place waypoint when selecting this approach, which leads me to believe it could be something in the Navigraph data (latest cycle):


Hi Dirk,
sorry to say, but it seems that both interpret the data not correctly, because at the last the Pilot2ATC uses the right waypoint-point but instead the theta (085 radial from BKY), it´s using the magnetic course (heading 265) for this, which is indeed a little bit off :slight_smile:

A little bit technical - the ABBOT approach transitions for ILS 22 is defined as:

  1. HF (holding fix) at ABBOT
  2. FD (track from a fix to a DME distance) from ABBOT on 265 to 16.5 on BKY radial 85.3
  3. CF (course to fix) fix CF22

Thats the definition according our database, translated into human language :slight_smile:
#2 looks wrong in both cases - it looks, that both uses the 265 degrees for the BKY radial, instead the 85.3 degrees

Again Dirk, I have looked into the data and the three lines are exactly what we offer Pilot2ATC and also what we have in the MSFS. According the charts, the data are correct so far.

You should report this to Pilot2ATC and/or WT - I don´t see any data issue here, sorry.

Hi Richard,

thank you for providing those details! Yeah I wasn’t sure if it’s a Navigraph issue, and your explanation makes perfect sense. I’ll report this to P2A and WT, it’s great to have this info available.


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