MSFS Information Different from Navigraph Charts

I have used the Navigraph Navdata Center to update the database in MSFS to 2203. This is confirmed in Content Manager. However, I find that the information shown in MSFS is different from what I see in Navigraph. E.g., in Barcelona (LEBL), the runways in Navigraph are shown as 26L, 26R,06L and 06R. In the World Map in MSFS, they are shown as 25L, 25R, 07L and 07R. Am I missing some step(s) in updating the MSFS database?

I saw a different post on LEBL, discussing which runway numbers are correct. However, my thinking was that both Charts and MSFS should show the same runway numbers (wrong or right) if they are coming from the same database (2203).


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Thats not so in the MSFS data because we can’t offer runways when an airport exists in the stock data. Therefore we can only provide runways for non-existing airports in the MSFS.

And as I have written in the reference posting to LEBL, this not a navdata issue because the same happens when you don’t have installed anything from us, when you’re using the NavBlue data which the MSFS uses.

Thats one of the reason why nearly all upcoming addons will use own datasets and not the in-game data from NavBlue (like the Aerosoft CRJ, because here we offer the correct runways and you can select it). They want be independent from the MSFS scenery.

Hope that helps

Thanks Richard, that explains it. Unfortunately, at the moment, it looks like the FBW A320 also uses the MSFS data only and not the data from Navigraph. Hope they remedy that.


Please let me clarify Rushad. The FBW also uses our data but in the MSFS format and that’s the “problem” here. As I wrote, we can’t offer the correct runway idents in this format … So, independent of which data provider you use, there is a dependency between the scenery and the navdata, and that’s not so good and makes all a bit error prone.

Aerosoft has shown the right way, with the CRJ and their own dataset. It’s completely independent of the MSFS scenery. So such issues with runway idents changes, customer sceneries, are not existing with it - a clear separation between scenery and data.

So, as I have also writtenin the LEBL thread - this is not navdata related. It’s a part which only can be fixed by ASOBO/MS.


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