Wrong routing from Europe to asia

I am planning a flight from Europe (EGLL) to India (VIDP) and I see that simbrief is not taking into account real word airspace closures (Ukraine) and voluntary airspace avoidance (Russia) into account while planning routes. I tried to plan these two routes using 1) Virgin Atlantic: the route should avoid Russia, Ukraine and afghanistan
2) Air India: which should go through Russia but avoid Ukraine.

Both routes were tried with B788

How can I get a more real to life route using simbrief, please let me know

You would have to do that - real world flight planning systems don’t read the news. I think its on the list to define specific no-fly zones by FIR identifier which is how most real-world systems do it. For example, for a US operator, we cant overfly Baghdad FIR at any altitude; but look at FR24, and most of the EU operators are. My FPS at work has ORBB as no-fly GND-UNL.


Just to add to Doug’s post, you can also try other “Suggested Routes” in SimBrief. Normally you will find one that meets your criteria.

Initially, only 5 suggested routes are shown, but if you click “View All” you will see more. Simply click each route to display it on the map to see which airspaces it enters or avoids.

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Hi, I tried both the solution and it works, I feel the one suggested by @SimBrief seems easier and I was able to get the same route flown by virgin and air india. Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

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