Option around Afghanistan


I was wondering if there could be an option for avoiding Afghanistan as its very very very limited atc if any since last month. I havent seen one major commercial airliner go through Afghanistan’s airspace since then. It would be very helpful if this option can be added in route planning.

Thank You

Yeah I tried planning a flight yesterday from London to Singapore. The route would take me over Eastern Ukraine, Iran and Afghanistan, all airspaces which are restricted in real life. In the Route Finder section, I entered these airspaces in the “Avoid Airways/Fixes/SIDs/STARs/FIRs” box, but the process was always timed out when generating a new route. Am I missing something, and has it been correctly entered?

The “Avoid FIRs” option in the route finder is particularly buggy. I don’t know how long it might be until this is fixed/improved.

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Okay, would love to have that working, is it being worked on?