Polar routes


I was just wondering why Simbrief gives me Polar route for EHAM to RJAA with B789, while in real life this airplanes (at least since Nov. 22) does not fly it that way, just the normal route via China, KL863. This route is about 12h30, while simbrief gives me Polar route for 14h38. I was just wondering where does simbrief is based on taken a route?


SimBrief is still avoiding Russian airspace by default on these flights. If you click “View All” in the Suggested Routes section, you can normally find a route which is more direct if you wish.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes I know the option, it was out of curiosity why the real live routes avoid Russian airspace by going eastbound, south of Russia and Simbrief first automatic suggestion is not. Thanks!