Real World Flightplan Database integration


Is there any possibility of reaching out to the team at Edi-Gla (the Real World Flightplan Database) to see if SimBrief could pull some of the recent real world route additions into the database? Perhaps even if the route suggestions could prioritise real world routes where there are no others?

I am selfishly posting as a UK VATSIM virtual controller where we see a fair few problematic routes in/out of the UK, using low level ATS routes or STARs, wrong direction routes etc. Sometimes even just rather long-winded ways of getting somewhere!

No worries if not feasible :slight_smile:


It’s a good idea in theory, but to be honest I don’t feel like it would be a fair arrangement. SimBrief is quite busy, it couldn’t possibly query EDI-GLA every time a user on SimBrief generates a flight without overloading their server. So at best, their server costs would go up, and over time it might result in less people actually using their website (since the information would already be on SimBrief).

SimBrief features a direct link to EDI-GLA search results for the airports the user has entered, which I feel is convenient enough while still encouraging users to visit the EDI-GLA website. There are also SimBrief links on EDI-GLA that can auto-fill the airports and route options which is pretty convenient.


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With the new Simbrief layout we see the route tabs for Eurocontrol, VATSIM approved routes. Looking at the route between EKCH and EGPH, the Eurocontrol approved route takes you over Amsterdam, while the VATSIM route takes you directly over the North Sea. This route also is approved by Eurocontrol by the IFPUV tool.
How can this more direct route be “promoted” to a Eurocontrol approved route and not “just” a VATSIM approved one? In reality I do not think any carrier flies over Amsterdam to get from EKCH to EGPH - they’ll take the more direct one.

Torben Andersen, VATSIM Controller
PS: Congratulation with the new Simbrief. I just might move from PFPX to Simbrief :slight_smile:

Hi Torben, I will send you a private message shortly.


You’re right Torben, it’s a very inefficient top suggest route! I’m sure Derek will explain in PM, but I’ve added ODN P60 NARBA DCT PETIL DCT SURAT DCT ROBEM UP16 NATEB Y96 AGPED as an IFPS compliant route which should now be suggested first

Actually even ODN PETIL SURAT ROBEM AGPED is approved by Eurocontrol :slight_smile:


Added too! As that shaves off another 7 NM :smiley:

In private???
I`m cureous aswell
Happy landings Freek (PH-FGM)
B.t.w. Is it only possible to get real flightplans (apart from Simbrief, Vatsim and so on) for intercontinental flights, in other words I do not see flights in Europe with this qualification