Wrong ICAO Code

Even though the airport is shown in Navigraph Charts with the correct code SVMX, the code shown in the Navdata is SVNX. Please update. Regards

Ähm sorry I don´t understand … these are two different airports? What do you mean with “please update”?
Thank you,

Hi Richard,
I may not have addressed the issue right. Checking the Airports from Navigraph it shows both SVMX and SVNX which is correct. The problem may arise from the X-Plane database. I have already sent the note to them.
I am kind of confused here since I am not sure what the X-plane Navdata source is. I thought it was Navigraph.
Sorry for the confusion.
Thanks for your time.

Understood, thanks.

The X-Plane navdata can also be from us but there is another file the apt.dat file. This is a major file for X-Plane and doesn´t come from us. Major, because this file is a part of the sceneries. The trick normally is, that when the airport isn´t in this file, you can´t select it from the navdata also.

I have now looked into this file (apt.dat) and indeed, you´re right: SVNX is included, but SVMX is missing - therefore two different results and therefore the confusion.

Sorry for that, but it´s really a X-Plane issue, more than a navdata issue :wink:

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