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I am unable to load in FMC certain airports when using a 3rd party aircraft. They are available when using default aircraft from Xplane. Contacted mfgr of 3rd party (x-hangar) and they suggested I ask you for insight on this?

Subscribing and updating navigraph seems like the obvious solution but if updated in default aircraft why would it update just 3rd party aircraft

I don´t know which 3rd party addons you have/you use to get a clear answer. Normally the 3rd party developer has two (three) major solutions to use navdata which can be updated:

  1. To use the default XP11 data, which we also can updated
  2. To use a own proprietary format only for their addon, then normally they inform us, if we also can provide such data and if we can add it in our process
    (3. The 3rd party devs uses any existing format, which we offer)

So, first task for you - to ask the 3rd party devs which dataset they are using and if it can be updated. After that, we also can give you a clear answer, if a subscription “solve” your missing airports.


Thank You! X-Hangar as mentioned is 3rd party specifically G550 and G650 When I asked them initially they deflected me to Navigraph and made no mention of which dataset they are currently on. I can dial back with them on that! If we can assume they are not at current dataset would they have to update on their end or is a solution available through you? I would suspect they aren’t going to do a one off update for me and my two airports

Sorry, I have never heard anything about X-Hanger and we don´t have any special dataset for their addons. So I assume (but I only assume), they are using the XP11 default navdata format. In this case, a subscription would be helpful … but again, it´s nice when the devs forward you to us without any contact from their side to us.

So, to be 100% sure, I would really ask the devs there, if they are using the XP11 navdata format for their GNS550/560 GPS systems and when not, which format they are using?


Ok thx again I asked we’ll see. In my very layman mind not being a dev seems obvious to me they aren’t using xplane default navdata or the airports would appear in their aircraft FMC as they do in default aircraft FMC Really appreciate your quick response hopefully a solution is available

Good point and you can select the both airports in any default XP aircraft? Hm, but than I don´t understand why they are forwarded you to us because we have no specific dataset for their addons … or they use any other dateset but it´s really better to ask before you subscribe and it will not solve your issue.

Thanks again,

PS: any feedback to this topic would be great, when you have gotten one :wink:

Yes both airports show up with all of the Aircraft in xplane will keep you posted


Please see their response?? I’m confused!!

From them

probably have to adjust the setting in planemaker. set it to 3500 instead of 6000. minimum runway length. can be found in standard/viewpoint/general.

Navigraph’s response was to ask you which dataset is used and if it could be updated? Assuming they mean it’s not the same as what is in Xplane as these airports work with default aircraft. If not something that’s an option to update on your end I’ll move on!


Hm, no idea sorry … but it looks they have implemented a runway-length filter, means when a runway on an airport is too short, they will disable it. In other words, a navdata update/a subscription will not fix this. That´s what I understood here.


Thank you! Very helpful


Update…once I figured out how to use planemaker this worked. I am now able to build a plan with these airports. Very exciting when these issues get figured out! Thx once again for your help!


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