Wrong Destination Applied in X_Plane 11

Running X-Plane 11.55 and the Flight Factors Airbus A350. Loaded flight from DGAA (Kotoka, Accra) to EGLL (Heathrow) using SimBrief. However the SimBrief Downloader loaded a route DGAA to LFDH (Auch Gers, near Toulouse, France) with EGLL as alternate airport. This is what the FMGC loaded from the directory. However, the intended route still shows on the SimBrief flight plan and log pdf file, with waypoint GERS and not LFDH, and EGLL as destination, EGSS as alternate.

Downloader worked fine on outbound sector EGLL to DGAA.

I tried using SimBrief directly (not from within BAVMS - BAVirtual) but the result was the same.

Destination directory used was F:\X-Plane 11\Output\FMS plans

Update: I loaded the PMDG B772-ER and loaded the route from SimBrief directly. It loaded correctly. One thought occurred: the position GERS was actually denoted by LFDH (the ICAO code for Auch Gers airport). When I tried to replace LFDH with waypoint GERS, the messsage “Not in Database” appeared. This seems to have confused the FMGC in the Flt Factors A35K model, and it appears to ‘think’ a valid 4 letter ICAO code must mean a destination. Perhaps replacing GERS would solve the problem.

I thought I would type in the solution separately as a reply!

Although SimBrief accepted and validated GERS on the flight plan - it is not a valid waypoint. Replace it with either AUCH, or LMT (the NDB at AUCH). It will then be accepted by both PMDG and X-Plane 11 FMS/FMGC systems.

AUCH GERS is the full airport name for LFDH airport, and the NDB (frequency 420, c/sign LMT) is close by (used for non-precision apprach).

Thank you for the update.

Happy flying.