Woodbourne Nav Data Not Showing IFR Procedures

Hi there, I just bought and downloaded your nav data and charts for msfs today and I wanted to do a flight from Woodbourne (NZWB) to Wellington(NZWN), but I noticed that when I went to select the Departure Procedure for Woodbourne the data is missing. When I go even deeper all of the Departure, Arrival and Approach Procedures are missing for Woodbourne. I’ve had a look at some other airports around New Zealand and there data seems to be fine, just Woodbourne seems to be missing. Can you guys help with this please? Thanks.

sorry this is a sim issue and not a navdata issue. The sim shows you wrong runway idents 06L/24R and 06R/24L … in real, you have only 06/24 without the L/R designator. The logic in the sim is now, when a terminal procedure can´t be assigned to a in MSFS existing runway, they can´t be selected and will be supressed.

I have looked into the database and also in the MSFS dataset. All terminal procedures are included but due the wrong scenery, and the sim logic it´s not possible to select any of it. Sorry.

Here from the LNM, that shows you all procedures which are included (with the correct runways):

… and last, here the real-world charts to this airport - you see, there are “two” 06 but the black 06 is for IFR only and therefore relevante:

from google maps (but bing maps shows exactly the same - no L/R only 06/24):

Sorry, in this case we can´t do anything - we may not change runway idents nor may we add/remove existing runways from the stock data.


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