WMKK Missing STARs on 2108/2109

Good day!

I was planning a flight recently inbound Kuala Lumpur - Sepang (WMKK). On the “Flight Procedures” page (20-9L) it requests inbound flights to plan for KIDOT/BOBIS1P for 32L/32R, and EKUDA/SALAX/NOBEK1B for 33. However, these procedures are not in Charts, PFPX and the FSL A320. This occurs on cycles 2108 and 2109.

I’ve also double checked the Malaysia AIP dated 12 Aug 21 and the missing procedures are there. Is there a current Chart Alert in place? I was trying to search if anyone else reported this issue, and the only recent issue was for 33 approach procs.

Any help/clarification would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Malaysia AIP:

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