Missing SID and STARs WMKK Kuala Lumpur for FSlabs only

Hi, the new SID and STARs for WMKK is reflected on the Navigraph charts on my tablet. However it does not appear in my MCDU options on Fslabs even after AIRAC 2106 rev 2. Need assistance, thank you.

do you only miss the WMKK procedures or is this a general issue? Further, what sim do you use and can you confirm, that you have installed the latest AIRAC cycle from the FMC ident page?

Thank you,

Hi Richard,

The enitre Malaysian local airport SID STARS fms data is not updated based on AIRAC 2106, namely WMKK,WMKP,WMKL and the rest. The navigraph charts however is all up to date as per local publications. I’m using p3dv4, and its only affecting my fslabs a320 addon. I confirm that I have installed the latest revision AIRAC 2106 revision 2 and reflected on my fmc ident page.


Loaded the FSL with NG2106 P3Dv5.2 at WMKK and all SID/STAR names are listed as per the current NG charts.

Try removing older navigation files ( .rom ) from the \FSLabs\NavData folder, do not remove other file types.

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