Missing ils data/chart

There is missing ils aproach data/charts of runway 33/15 for WMKK mistake made by jeppesen in real life , but in real life they have engineer to fix that, how i can fix or maybe ur team fix this issue for us,
Im using xplane/airac2108

please give us a official reference like from the AIP or similar else, that we can check what ILS (ident, frequency and course) is missing and why …

Thank you


As u can see above link, there is ils rwy 33/15 available, but not in latest airac 2108, chart also mising

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Thanks, great info, much appreciated - let me check. Thank you


I have checked the missing procedures and I have found out, that there was a Jeppesen Navdata Alert for this issue.

I have now also checked the new upcoming AIRAC 2109 and ILS 15/33 are back again and included.

Hope that helps,

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