Windows Charts app watermark rotation glitch

In the Windows Charts app while in windowed mode, if you bring up (for example) the TXKF/BDA (Bermuda) 10-9 Airport chart, it comes up in landscape (rotated 90 degrees right from portrait). If you then click the button to switch to full screen mode, then click to rotate the chart 90 degrees left, then click the button to return to windowed mode, the chart switches back to rotated/landscape orientation but the “Chart linked to Navigraph user…” text remains rotated and is mispositioned.

Repeating the sequence will correct it, and you can keep repeating to toggle it between correct display and incorrectly rotated/positioned.

Is the fact that changing between windowed and full-screen cancels the manual chart rotation intended? I would have expected that the rotation would be independent from the other display mode. In any case, something isn’t quite getting the message when this happens :slight_smile: