Charts display in wrong resolution

I have always had my charts (within MSFS)

For no apparent reason the charts are now displaying blurred/stretched as if wrong resolution.

I’ve not played with settings to my knowledge .

Help please



In latest Navigraph Navdata Center 1.08 for Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel, try Remove and Install.


Thanks Ian though that’s not worked. If I launch on the secondary monitor the maps look fine (expanded to full screen) though are still stretched/blurred when opened via the in MSFS in game Navigraph app?

So Charts Cloud is fine but In-Game Panel has distorted view?

How about resizing Window?


Yes if I open the map within MSFS via the QR code the maps/charts are distorted. Resizing the window doesn’t help. This is a new issue as have always used my map this way and maps have been sharp even when the window is opened to full screen.

Monitor is at correct resolution and as I above the map looks fine when opened vis the app from outside of the sim.

We haven’t changed the In-Game Panel, so something has changed on your system. Has this started sInce MSFS update?
Check MSFS resolution, UI scale, that you are resizing the ”right” window etc.


As MSFS seems to update almost weekly I’ve no idea though I’ve not changed any system settings so no idea why this is happening.

I did open the map up within the JF146 EFB - wonder if that has affected the resolution when I open it on my second monitor? Seems unlikely I know.

I’ve the same problem In-Game Panel for MSFS 2020. Thanks for your help.

This week I am also experiencing problems with the Navigraph charts now fill the whole screen on my PC. I uninstalled and reinstalled Navigragh but still had the same problem. I haven’t changed any settings. Any help you could suggest would be greatly appriciated. Thanks

I also have the same problem. It is NOT limited to just amerlyn’s machine. Something has changed. When I launch the program from my desktop it comes up Ver 7.7.1. However when Navigraph is run from inside MSFS 2020, it is Ver 7.5 and has the weird look.

Thanks for confirming that I’m not the only one with this problem. I have completely reinstalled the app and I am fairly sure I’ve hot changed anything in my system to prevent the map displaying full screen. As it stand the in game maps are useless as can only be used when too small to read and hope Navigraph can take another look and fix this.

Hi Team,

We are preparing for a beta release of the new Charts and are reluctant to divert resources to your issue and delaying the beta. I suggest using Charts Cloud in a browser as a workaround.

Thank you for your understanding.