Navigraph app breaks the taskbar icon every update

Does anyone else have this problem where whenever navigraph charts app has an update, it breaks the icon for the taskbar shortcut? It always turns it into a blank page icon. Usually deleting it and making a new one fixes it, but not this time. Really annoying behavior to have to create a new icon after every update.


Hello Rob! Welcome to the forum.

This sounds odd, and we have never experienced it ourselves. To determine the cause of this issue, we need more details about your environment. (Iā€™m guessing your OS is Windows?)?.

  • Are you running in a virtual machine?

  • What language is in use?

  • Have you restarted the computer (Just making sure)

Kind Regards,

US English
I did restart and it didnt affect it, but then later at some point it fixed itself.
It does seem to happen again every time navigraph updates though