SID/STAR and double runway


Certain Airport (on MSFS Marketplace like LFTH who is missing in base MSFS) integer SID and STAR and it erase Navigraph data…

So I have 2 solution :

  • don’t have Navigraph SID/STAR
  • having SID/STAR Navigraph but double runway because I put Navigraph higher than scenery.

So, can we have an option (or a special version) who disable runway adding by Navigraph on missing airport ? (or an option to prioritize SID/STAR but I think it’s not possible)

I know that the problems are due to the scenery (and MSFS) more than navigraph, but this kind of option would be really useful.

and you have still tried this also?

This should normally help you - follow exactly these steps please

I did what is indicated in the FAQ.

I’m with beta 23 client and AIRAC 2102 rev 2.

And, always problem : SID/STAR of the scenery airport (LFTH - Azurpoly Marketplace MSFS) erase Navigraph SID/STAR :frowning:

Is it possible to just prioritize Navigraph SID/STAR in order to erase scenery SID/STAR without prioritize Navigraph runway ?

Thx Richard

Hi agian,
I have looked now deepter into the scenery - the problem is, that the scenery includes their own SIDs/STARs/IAPs and overwrite therefore all other terminal procedures. Sorry, in this case we can´t do anything. When some designer add their own terminal procedures, our procedures will be always overwritten.

PS: by the way, the procedures are not complete and the procedure-names (at least from the SIDs) are completely wrong. But again, this can only be fixed by the scenery designer or the designer delete their terminal procedure in the scenery.


Yes SID are completely wrong. They add “SID”/STAR because several buyers who do not have Navigraph have asked developper… but it’s stupid, they will not update their airport each AIRAC…
:disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Thx very much Richard, i will ask the devs but I don’t have too much hope…

P.S : Sorry for my english… :sweat_smile:

No problem, my english is not perfect too :slightly_smiling_face:

What I don’t understand is, why someone create terminal procedures which are incomplere and wrong!? For what? Who uses these wrong/incomplete procedures?

Very strange …

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