Where have all the Cat II-III ILS approaches gone?

I’m not finding any Cat II and III ILS approaches with the new desktop or iPad apps. KMEM and EBBR certainly have them…I used to be able to pull them up in Charts, but now they’re not listed when I look at the approach listings.

I think you have CAO (Commercial Airline Overlay) mode selected in settings. It brings you charts for only cat C/D aircraft.

Switch it to STD (standard) mode and charts for all aircraft categories should appear.

Also see Navigraph Chart Mode - #2 by stephen



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OK, thanks–I did that and the Cat II-III ILS approaches are there again.

That said, I believe you have it backwards here–Cat II-III ILS approaches are flown pretty much exclusively by commercial airliners and high-end business jets (virtually all of which are classified as approach category C/D), as the approaches require sophisticated and very expensive equipment on the aircraft and special aircrew certification. In fact, I think if you dig deep into the TERPS criteria used to build Cat II-III ILS approaches, you’ll find that they are all built assuming a Cat D aircraft–the approach charts themselves do not even make reference to an aircraft category like the Cat I ILS approaches do.

It does not make sense to me that they would be filtered out in CAO mode.

Please do just look at the charts. CAO charts often have the category II and III minimums on the one chart instead of a separate one, that’s all.



P.S. selecting CAO vs. STD mode does not actually filter charts, but rather presents a whole different set of charts optimized for airline customers (mostly identical to the generic charts, but with minor tweaks that are intended to make them more useful to said airline customers).

Also, FWIW, the contents, layout and other elements of each chart come straight from Jeppesen who design said charts, Navigraph has no direct involvement in those aspects whatsoever.

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