LIMC missing approach in navigraph charts

some approach like 11-5A CAT II/III ILS Z RWY 35R appears on AVITAB xplane 11, but not showing in NAVIGRAPH CHARTS

you are using the chart-app in the “Airline (CAO” mode and not in the “Standard IFR” mode. You see this on your screenshot (yellow marker).

To change this, go in the charts-app into settings and change the “chart mode” to “Standard IFR”

After that, search LIMC again and you will see all charts comparing with AviTab:


It does not work (restart NGC and confirm standard IFR set), although I think your solution make sense. any further steps to take e.g. cleanup cache of NG?

… hi again … which version do you have? Version 7.7.1?

You can try to logout/login … but there is no cache or similar else, what you can delete because all of this is server-based …


Yes, it is 7.7.1 and i did logout. However, it shows up correctly just now without doing anything further. Solved for the moment, thanks.

p.s. what exactly is the use of setting airline?

Standard charts are applicable to all aircraft categories. CAO (Commercial Airline Overlay) charts are optimized for cat C/D aircraft. Therefore, when you miss some charts, look which setting you´re using … :wink:

If you need more details to this topic, here a reference link to Jeppesen our provider:

Hope that helps,

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