Navigraph Chart Mode

I have a question, What is the difference in Chart Mode between = Standart-IFR and Airline CAO.
I can not see the difference.

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Reinhold, EDDK Germany

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Standard charts are applicable to all aircraft categories. CAO (Commercial Airline Overlay) charts are optimized for cat C/D aircraft.

Please see this document from Jeppesen describing the differences in detail:




We still support both Standard and CAO.

Where do you change the setting?

There is a default setting in the main Settings, but this one is overridden by the setting you have on your Flight. So if you change your main setting to Standard but your flight is CAO, then it will show CAO charts.

Also it could be good to reload the chart list (or the entire app) after you have changed this setting to make sure the correct charts are loaded.





thanks Stephen for the ultra-fast response - but my report was (at least partially) bogus as the chart I’m seeing in “standard IFR” mode is effectively a colorized version of the standard chart (no DME rings, no brown MSA data etc.). Jeppesens doc was showing standard charts as black/white only - that confused me.

I have no flight active, and switching&saving in the general settings. Only restarting the whole chart viewer application then shows the correct chart type - I’d consider this a bug. When changing the setting, it should immediately (re-)display in new format IMHO.

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