Charts only for CAT C Airplanes


I have only CAT C charts.
For example for LFLA (Auxerre). I don’t have the CAT A & B procedure.

How can we get them?

In your chart settings change the option from Airline (CAO) to Standard (IFR)

Thank you for the reply.

It doesn’t work you can check by yourself for example LFLA NDB RWY 18 it’s a CAT C Chart

If you have a flight loaded, you also need to change the flight’s setting from CAO to STD.

After you have changed the setting it is best to unload the flight and/or reload any chart listing before opening the chart again.



Hello Thomas! Welcome to the forum!

You are right in that you are still shown a CAT C chart, and that is because it is still trying to get the CAO chart despite changing the settings option that @srcooke mentioned.

This is because you selected Airline CAO as chart mode when creating the flight:


If you edit the flight and switch to standard IFR, then try to load the chart again you will see the expected result:

Let me know if it is still not working or if you have any other issues, and I’ll make sure to clarify!

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Thank you so much for replies, I selected Standard IFR Flight and it worked!
I have now CAT A B C.

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