What's special with Navigraph?

I find default MSFS AIRAC up-to-date. Moreover, I actually don’t need it up-to-date but rather I would like them to match from different sources. For example, I plan my route in SimBrief and I want to be sure it completely repeats one in MSFS. But now I use MSFS planner and that’s okay with me. I need to choose departure and arrival airport, choose high-altitude airways and select departure/approach schema. Then select live weather and fuel needed - it is indicated by the circle. What is special with navigraph/simbrief nowadays?

If you say I easily get charts for ALL airports in the world + weather and VFR charts in the future, that would be good for me. But I nowhere find this information. Some not so widely used airport do not have free Jeppesen in the Internet (like those in Africa). What if I pay the price and then find that I payed just for saving 30 seconds searching charts in the internet?

Again, in my home city Odesa, Ukraine we’ll soon have airport update. I believe, official Jeppesen will update it immediately (or as planned) and so will you as you get information from there. But MSFS/addons will not be updated - I am 100% sure about it. And we’ll have the situation that I have updated chart but I actually cannot use it. Is that true? And can it be the situation where chart’s and game’s data (frequences) will not be the same? The game would be totally unplayable in that case and I loose my 10 USD/month just for nothing.

Could you please comment on those statements? 10 USD per month is a reasonable price if I know exactly what I get. Please do not comment in a way “if you are fine with default MSFS planner then what are you doing here”. I wrote all this text for an expanded answers. And for those who wants to answer that way, don’t you have anything else to do?


The Navdata we supply for Simbrief and MSFS are from the same Jeppesen source so should match.

There are many more airports in Navigraph Navdata than in the the default MSFS.
You can read more the reasons why Navigraph is special at Beginners Guide.

Access to Navdata and Charts for so many airports in the one place beats searching the internet for same. You need to determine the value of that convenience.

Updates to airports worldwide occur all the time and are one of the main advantages of our Jeppesen based services.

Furthermore, referring to the topic of “Unified Data” - as mentioned by Navigraph CEO Magnus Axholt in this YouTube video : Navigraph is the largest provider of navigational data in the flight simulation community and therefore it is more likely that the data in the simulator will correspond with other services in and around the flight simulation eco system if it is updated with the FS2020 Navdata Update Service from Navigraph.

You also have Moving Map in Charts and much more.

I suggest you try an Ultimate Monthly service to get the full appreciation. If not satisfied, cancel within the month.

I am confident you will find the service “Special” and good value.


Hi Ian. Thank you for a good answer. I understand that if I don’t try I will always be unsatisfied and hesitating. So yes, I am going to buy a month at least.

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You are welcome. We look forward to welcoming you as a valued customer.