Navigraph Multi-Platform Requirements

I am currently using Navigraph in a FSX environment and will be migrating to MSFS. Currently, I run Navigraph Charts on the PC with the simulator and also on my laptop, where I actually use the Navigraph functions and work with Simbrief. After migrating to MSFS, I am assuming:

  • I will run the Navigraph Navdata Center on the simulator PC.
  • I can still run Navigraph Charts and Simbrief on my laptop.

Are my above assumptions correct ? Please let me know if I need to do things differently or missing any components.


Yes you run Navigraph Navdata on the simulator PC. For Moving Map you also run Simlink only on the simulator PC.

You run Charts on either or both PC and laptop. When you view Charts from our server they see your coordinates from Simlink, and place aircraft icon on map.

For SimBrief on laptop, best to use SimBrief Downloader to copy flight plans to the networked PC to the directory expected by MSFS or addons.


Thanks for the information and one follow-up…does Simbrief install automatically with Navdata Center or is it a separate install ?
Thanks again


Simbrief is a web app accessed at You update your AIRAC data at that site.

The Simbrief Downloader is a stand alone app loaded from the same site at


I installed the various Navigraph components per the above posts, no problem, but I have a follow-up on flight plan locations.
The PC on which MSFS and Navigraph are installed is new and does not have any other simulators. First time using Navigraph in MSFS, I started a MSFS session with departure KJFK and destination KLAX. When I opened Navigraph from the MSFS menu, to my amazement a KJFK-KLAX flight plan appeared. Since I am just starting and have not created any flight plans, I have no idea where this flight plan is coming from. Also, when I click on “Flights” in Navigraph Charts, I see a list of flight plans I had created in the past when running FSX. My questions:

  • I am assuming the flight plan I am seeing is a *.PLN file and *.PLN flight plans are required for MSFS/Navigraph, correct ?
  • What is the required path for these *.PLN plans ? The installation process never prompted me for or asked me to confirm a flight plan path.
  • How do I set this flight plan path in Navigraph ?

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