MSFS navigraph app/mod

I am presuming as MSFS now supports Navigraph we do not need to run the update app for msfs anymore. is this correct?

ASOBO supports us as 3rd Party Developer yes, but they don´t use our data/charts inside the sim.

We use/offer a worldwide database and charts directly from Jeppesen (currently the largest and completest worldwide dataset), so from one single data soure. The MSFS stock data, which will be also updated monthly by ASOBO is a mix of different freeware and payware data sources (the public free FAA data for the US airspace and NavBlue for the rest of the world).

Therefore you need our app (at least once per month) to install the real-world Jeppesen data into your MSFS. Not free, ok - but complete, worldwide, from one single datasource (so charts + data are 100% compatible) and with a nearly 7x24 support, like “as real, as it gets” :wink:

Hope that helps,