What to do when airport doesn't have a SID/STAR for the route?

I created a route from KOPF-MYNN using the autoroute feature but it says KOPF has no depatures. Is it not possible to fly this route via navigraph or can I somehow manually create a departure myself?

I’ve also encountered the opposite via other random smaller airports where there are no STAR procedures and I’m not sure how to plan that fligh via navigraph.

Personally I enjoy creating my own departures.

Hello Brian! Welcome to the forum.

The departure that you are referencing is vectored by ATC and it can therefore not be calculated or displayed in our charts application. You will instead see a direct routing to the next waypoint, just like in the real world.

The ability to create departures yourself will be possible in the upcoming Navigraph VFR product. Until then, our (IFR) charts do not provide the ability to plan your own departures outside of what is defined in the SIDs and STARs.

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