What its a OFP

SimBrief username: doesn’t seem to have any saved OFP.

Hi, where are you seeing this error message?

You might need to update your SimBrief username in the app or feature you are using. Since you are now logging in to SimBrief using your Navigraph account, you should update your username to “praymed” in the app settings (for example, in Navigraph Charts the settings can be accessed at the top-right).

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thanks, its work now.
when i creade my fp, always the route it not run over the airways?

If I understand correctly, this is probably because SimBrief doesn’t load or consider approach procedures. You can however load these in Navigraph Charts manually after you import your SimBrief flight plan.

If that doesn’t help, can you provide a screenshot of the issue you’re seeing?

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