What flight plan formats can Navigraph Charts read?

Or should I ask which flight plan formats can Navigraph Charts NOT read?

I like to fly in bush areas. There are a large number of approach destinations. However, most of them do not have an official ICAO designator, but only a waypoint designator.

So how can I create a route in Navigraph Charts with waypoints?

In Skyvector there are some bush flight plans.
1st try: These I have saved in FPL format and tried to load them in Navigraph Charts. Answer: “Failed to import flightplan”.

2nd try: FPL flightplan converted to PLN. Again, the attempt to load the PLN format fails. Answer: Failed to import flightplan.

3rd attempt: FPL flightplan converted to FMS. Again, the attempt to load the FMS format fails. Response: Failed to import flightplan.

I know Navigraph Charts can read FMS format, but apparently conversions are rejected.
What can I do? I am looking forward to your answer.

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PS: It is strange that Skyvector FPL files converted to FMS format can be loaded in X-Plane, but are rejected by Navigraph Charts.

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It can read many formats including PLN but there could be issues with the data that prevents reading. It would be helpful if you attach the failing files here and we can have a look.



I always delete immediately what does not work. As soon as I have time, I will try again to create the non-functioning files.

Here is the answer to your question:
It is not the exact reproduction from above. But still evident.

File 1:
01 - Original Skywork File.fpl
Failed to import flightplan

02 - FPL converted with Plans Converter.fms
Is read in, but shows only a diagonal line. It should be a circumnavigation.
2023-01-15 12_27_27-Plans Converter

03 - Skywork copy to x-planetools to FMS.fms
Failed to import flightplan.

04 - Skywork FPL to PLN with Plan Converter.pln
Will be read in by NGC, but no route appears.

Hope this helps.

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01 - Original Skywork File.fpl (3.7 KB)
02 - FPL converted with Plans Converter.fms (346 Bytes)
03 - Skywork copy to x-planetools to FMS.fms (1012 Bytes)
04 - Skywork FPL to PLN with Plans Converter.pln (2.6 KB)

What did I do wrong that I do not receive another answer?

Sorry for the late answer. It appears these flight plans contain custom waypoints and these are not yet supported when importing into Navigraph Charts. We have this on our roadmap though so it will appear at some point.

Have you tried creating such a flight plan inside Charts itself? You can right click anywhere and then add that point to your route:

After a few clicks you have:

You can also drag-and-drop to add or edit points in the Desktop and web apps.

If you click the “pen” icon on the right edge of the route “pills” you will get a text representation of your route. The above one har route text 49B DCT 442538N1030231W DCT 444151N1030608W DCT 444417N1034153W DCT 49B. Note that you can also manually edit or paste (a compatible) route string here from external tools. It is a bit picky on the formatting but if you have issues here just let us know and we’ll assist.

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Yes, I have tried. But NGC always requires an origin and destination airport. And when bush flying, that is not always possible. But good to know that it will be implemented. Thanks for answering.

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