What am I missing? Where is steps 6,7,8,and 9? Doesn't work

Thanks for getting me to the download page Richard…Now What? You left me hanging with nothing.
Is there a file here? Do I copy it?, Do I go into the X-Plane Files and paste it somewhere. Why is this thing so complicated? I’ve never had so many folks message me but not be able to provide simple steps in how to use the thing.

By the way, your tutorials…there is nothing that helped nor can I navigate it. In a few more tryis< I will kindly ask for a refund. Thanks


Hi Brad,
all is correct … The Zibo addon uses the XPlane data, so now you should have the latest cycle installed. Your XP folder was automatically found in the FMS Data Manager. So you made all correct. Well done …


Sorry Richard

I didn’t do a thing. I even went to the manual file, extracted it, placed it in the X-Plane Nav Data file and nothing. I am going to PLEASE ask for a refund now. I really thought that the X-Plane Zibo and other 737 Configurations would no longer have a “NAV DATA OUT OF DATE” indicator in the scratch pad.

Anyway thanks
Let me know how to request a refund


Hi Brad,
you have installed the XPlane cycle successfully, and therefore the “Navdata out of date” disappears.

You see this also on your screenshots in the FMS Data Manager. The green button shows you 2110, so the current one.

You can cancel your subscription by your own, that it will be not renewed automatically after the period you paid. But again, I don’t understand why you want to cancel you subscription … but its your decision, of course.

Thank you

Thanks for all your help Richard

Maybe your software doesn’t work with Microsoft 11? I did everything I could to try and install and use your product. I really wished it worked in X-Plane but it didn’t. Navigraph really does not offer a clear path on how to install, and I am not sure why. I’ve scoured your forum, watched random vids. But perhaps your product is not for the newbie like me.


I also use Windows 11, thats not the point but step by step:

  1. You have installed the FMS Data Manager (FDM in short) successfully (according your screenshots).
  2. XPlane11 was found successfully (also according your screenshots)
  3. You have updated XPlane11 also successfully (also according your screenshots)

So my question now is, what is not working in XPlane now? Can you make a screenshot what you´re missing now, or what issue you have now? Because in your previous posting you have spoken from the Zibo 737, which should be updated now. Is this the issue, isn´t it updated? Please give us any hint what issue you have now …

I only see a correct system (at least in our apps) but I don´t understand now, what problem you have exactly?

Cheers & thank you,


After conducting my steps in the screen shots I sent you, Nivagraph falls short. There are no more steps to get the Zibo X-Plane 737 mod to recognize the download. I think you and I can agree on this.

So, I decided to manually get and unzip the file. I grabbed what I think is the correct file to update the FMC/FMS. It’s the one at the bottom of your downloaded interface, titled 737. I then copy the contents of this file and place it into the current nav file within the file chain under X-Plane, restart the system and nothing happens.

I really can’t imagine that based on the screen shots and details I’ve provided you guys cannot either trouble shoot or redirect the flow or protocol of a step by step install. I am not the only guy using X-Plane 11 Zibo with an out of date FMC. We are not launching rockets here so, maybe you can start with some screen shots you can send me.


Hi again Brad,
here step by step to update your Zibo addon in XP11.

First the pre-requirements:

  • XP11.5x installed
  • Zibo B737 latest version installed (v3.50.15 upwards)
  • FMS Data Manager latest version installed (v1.8.9.0421 upwards)

How do you updated the Zibo B737 navdata:

  1. Close X-Plane, when it´s open

  2. Start the FMS Data Manager

  3. Login with your user-credentials what you have used during the registration on the Navigraph-webpage, and which you have used to pay the subscription

  4. When you start the FMS Data Manager for the first time, you get following message

    press Yes (the yellow marked button) - the scan´s start, please wait after the scan-window is removed

  5. When the scan is finished, you should seen something like this one

  6. Check, if the X-Plane11 path is detected 100% correctly (this is only necessary for the first time)
    Press on the “Settings” button (yellow marker in the above screenshot)

  7. Scroll down till you see the X-Plane 11 entry and check if the X-Plane 11 path is correct (it should show the root folder, where you have installed your XP11 application)

    Now, there are two possibilities:
    7.1. When the path is ok - goto directly to the next bullet #8
    7.2. When this is not the case, press on the “folder-icon” right of the path and browse to your XP11 root folder (where the X-Plane.exe file is located) - select the X-Plane.exe file and press the “Open” button bottom right

  8. Press the “Addon List” button on the top-right (blue marker) and update your X-Plane 11 (11.50+) addon by pressing on the arrow-down-button (yellow marker) in the same line

    The update starts immediately and you see this on the blue-cycle in the line of the addon and on the status line on the bottom-left.

  9. It´s finished and the X-Plane11 is updated successfully, when the grey “Ready to update” button switchs to green and shows you the current AIRAC cycle number

  10. close the FMS Data Manager

  11. start the sim and load the Zibo 737 - you will see on the FMC ident page, that the Navdata are loaded correctly and there is no “out of date” message any longer

Hope this little instruction helps you to solve your issue. Follow these steps exactly and your Zibo addon will be updated successfully.


Hello Richard;

Here where the install stalls. Where does your file go. Look at the image. The image path you sent doesn’t apply for my Windows 11 machine. There are a number of folders left and your FMS data needs to go in one of them, Which one?

Why do you try to enter an X-Plane 11 path in the Flight-Simulator 9 line?

As I have written in my instructions # 7/7.2 scroll down to the X-Plane 11 line and press here the “open” button right of the line


PS: by the way, you have Windows 10 installed and not Windows 11

Continues not to work. Everything you mention, the blue, the green, the yellow boxes are vague. The path, is not the same as in your image. I am on X-Plane 11. I deleted and then reinstalled X-Plane 11 assuming its the latest, I deleted and reinstalled the recent version Zibo.

Why cant I just grab the folder and manually insert it, your downloading things are not working for me? Can you Please simple tell me where the folder is, I can extract it, Copy It then I can replace it in the proper aircraft folder. I don’t know why this is so tough.

Please confirm:
Your X-Plane 11 is installed on C:\X-Plane 11 is this correct?

When yes, enter this path in the X-Plane 11 line, that it looks like:

After that press the “Save” button (top right) …

Please make a screenshot, when it´s done … then we will go ahead


Thanks again, I have attached 2 screen shots. The first is the install path which should be correct next is the FMS Data Manager path where the path per your instructions was saved. What is next?


Fantastic …

Next, go back to Addon Mappings and press the Scan button … as a result, you should see the X-Plane 11 (11.50+) line in the <XP11>\Custom Data\ (red underlines)

When you have it, press the Save-Button again on this page.

Please make also a screenshot … last step will follow when it´s done.

Here is the screen shot;

But one says automatic and the other manual? Are we still good?


We are on the right path Brad and on the short final :wink:

Please delete the second X-Plane 11 (11.50+)entry (the manual one) because this is wrong and useless - simple click in the box of these line and press the Removebutton above, don´t forget to Save it again after you have removed the line.

When you have deleted the line, the final step:
Go to the Addon List here you also see one line X-Plane 11 (11.50+) as before. Now you have two possibilities to update X-Plane 11

click on the checkbox and press the Updatebutton
press the arrow-down button right of the “Ready to update”

It´s both the same, you can choose what you want …

After you have started the update you see in the status line, that the AIRAC package will be downloaded and installed. When all is finished the “Ready to update” changed to a green bullet with the cycle number and the revision number in it.

You´re done - start XP11, load the Zibo 737 and look on the FMC ident page. It should shown you the installed cycle.

This last update step (the final step) must be done monthly (all 28 days) when you want to use the current AIRAC cycle with your Zibo.

Please post your Zibo FMC ident page, that I can be sure, that the installation was correct now.

Thank you,

The “Nav Data Update” message is gone in the scratch pad, I think it worked, Do you concur? Are my SIDS and STARS updated? Will my ILS and GS take me to the selected runway and not to the nearby vacant field next to airport?

If this works, I will be very happy.


and if it does work, maybe I can get some help on the monthly product install?


Brad, when the message disappear you can be sure that you have now a up to date Zibo Boeing. All is updated now (navaids, airways, ILS and terminal procedures).

To be 100, 100, 100% sure, you should look on the Ident page of in the ZIBO FMC because here you see the cycle number and the dates of the cycle.

But again, I’m sure all is ok now and next month/cycle, select XP11 and press simple the update button again in the FMS Data Manager. Thats it … No settings, no downloadings, nothing. Select it and update it …

Happy flying now and enjoy the real navdatas in your virtual world


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