Weights/Pax Auto


for some reason, my flights are always on the full side I use Auto on everything (Pax, Cargo, ZFW)
Wondered if it is something everyone else experiences, or is it just me that runs a prosperous airline? HA!

I only fly the FBW A320 at the moment, so not sure if it is related to that (i wouldn’t have thought random numbers would do this) but just thought I would ask the question. is the “Auto” load truly auto?

Only on the basis of it would be great to be running around with some truly random numbers on the flights.

love the ecosystem you have created - please keep up the great work!

Liam Reynolds

Hi, the random passenger counts are biased towards fuller loads, so to some extent this is normal. But I agree they could be a little more “random”. I’ve adjusted the randomizer accordingly.

Best regards,

I am all for prosperity in our virtual skies. - I will feedback accordingly.


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