Weird 757-200 cargo and pax problem


It’s seems like the 757-200 pax and cargo has a bug

So this is what it looks like when I’m selecting how much cargo I would like to carry from PHNL - KDEN


And this is what I’m getting:


I thought this was normal until I tried with another routes and change the cargo weight, but everytime I got the exactly the same amount of cargo and pax.
Is this something you guys can check and see if this is just me?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Your OFPs all had the following remark at the top:


When the passengers and/or cargo you enter will result in the MZFW (Max Zero-Fuel Weight) being exceeded, the system will automatically reduce the cargo amount as needed to meet the MZFW. This is expected behavior.

The reason all your flights showed the same passenger count (and resulting reduced cargo amount) is because they all had the same departure date/time. If you had changed the departure time and regenerated the flight, you probably would have seen a different random PAX count, and therefore a different cargo amount (possibly even 7.5 if the passenger count was low enough).

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