Weather category for departure/destination/alt airfields

Hi All,

Firstly many thanks for the recent upgrades to the Simbrief system, which are excellent.

I think you have made a small technical error in the weather categories listed for the departure, arrival and alternated airfields.

An airfield weather category cannot be IFR or VFR. Those terms are flight rules which Pilots must obey in certain weather conditions. Airfield weather can be IMC or VMC, those are weather conditions which pilots have to take into account when deciding how to fly.

An airfield weather can be VMC, which will permit pilots to operate either in IFR or VFR.
If an airfield weather is IMC then pilots cannot operate according to VFR and must either operate in IFR, if they have the appropriate licences or Special VFR where this is permitted.

Airfields in class A airspace normally do not permit VFR flights whereas other classes of airspace normally permit bot VFR and IFR flights.

I know its pedantic, but your system is very professional, so I’m sure you would want to show the correct conditions.

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

While you are correct of course, VFR/MVFR/IFR/LIFR labels are commonly used in pretty much all major flight planning apps, EFBs, as well as the FAA and NOAA websites. So we decided to follow the same standards in SimBrief.

I guess you can think of those labels as the kind of flying that the weather will require, rather than a technical classification like VMC/IMC. Or at least, that’s how I think of it.


Thanks for the explanation. Its perfectly understandable.

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