Missing RNAV Waypoint

Hello everyone,
on my flight today from EDDH-EDDV ATC gave me direct DV463 (on final 09L EDDV).
This waypoint didnt show up on the fmc. Are these kind of Waypoints not included for directs?


Hi Ron,
of course such terminal waypoints are included and most of them will be used by the procedures. The issue here is, that you can’t search/nor enter terminal waypoints due a sim limitation. Don’t ask me why - thats the design from ASOBO.

You can only serach/enter enroute defined waypoints and thats what ASOBO does in his default data. They define all such terminal waypoints as enroute waypoints. Its a nonsense but working.

We are also working on this “bad design” to give you the possibility for such “directs to”. This “solution” is not the best, but the only one.

For now, you can’t use it as expected but we so our best to offer it also. Thanks



Wow thank you for your quick answer :slight_smile:

I know MSFS2020 is still in its infancy and i hope one day we’ll get the level of professionalism as P3D or X-Plane has.
Thank you very much for your work on MSFS2020!

  • Ron
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Thank you very much Ron … we are still testing this “solution” - not sure, if we are really 100% ready with the next AIRAC in a few days but when not, we will release a second revision. Than you should find all RNAV waypoints also in the worldmap and/or in any FMC/S …

And yes, I´m also sure, that the MSFS2020 will be better and better and that this sim is the future. On the other hand, I´m also sure, that P3D and X-Plane will be still attractive and will be still existing in a co-existence to the new sim. It´s good to have competitor :slight_smile:


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