Waypoints LOWI RNP-Y Rwy08 missing

I’m trying to approach LOWI, according to the Navigraph map there should be 7 waypoints for the RNAV-Y-08. If I enter the RNAV-Y-08 in the MCDU (MSFS), there are only two waypoints, WI813 and WI814.The airac cycle is up to date, why are the others missing?

can you confirm, that you have selected the ELMEM transition too?


I have tested this but I can´t reproduce …

R08-Y using ELMEM transition:

I don´t see any missing waypoint comparing to our charts
ELMEM - WI810 - WI811 - WI812 - WI813 - WI814 - following visual to RWY08


Yes, but I took the wrong one, ELMEM1A instead ELMEM. Many Thanks for your support Richard.

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