Missing waypoints

Hi ive noticed for the first time ever last cycle 2108 waypoints not in database, i put this down to an error on that cycle but the new cycle 2109 has same issue im just on my way into KBGR ILS RWY 33 and the waypoint on the app ZUMSI is not in the database. has there been an issue with missing waypoints as i have used Navi graph for many years and fly all round the world and it just seems strange its only been last two cycles ive experienced this problem.

first of all thanks for your report and welcome here in the forum.

I have checked the MSFS data and I can selet ZUMSI as expected. I´m using sim and the currently AIRAC 2109 rev. 2:

Here from the WorldMap:

I have also checked the TBM as an example - ZUMSI is included as you see:

… and last directly in the VFR map:

Have you possible installed a 3rd party scenery? That could be one reason for that … but ZUMSI is in our database and as you see also in the MSFS available/selectable.


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