Waypoints Altitudes

I am trying to fly the the impossible approach to VNLK using generated waypoints as there is no approach proceedures for it.
How do I set rough altitudes for each waypoint to generate some sort of a achieveable approach.
Flying the E 1000 with the G1000 FMS

Hello Robert! Welcome to the forum.

If I understand you correctly, you want to know how to set altitudes for a set of waypoints inside the Navigraph Charts application. Is this correct?

If that indeed is the case, then I regret to inform you that it is up to the FMS/FMC of each aircraft to calculate the altitude at each waypoint. This is because the vertical profile depends on the aircraft, its weight & balance, etc., which makes it impossible to predict without the necessary data.

You would have to read the documentation for the G1000 or find some good tutorials in order to determine how to do this in your particular case.

Please advise should I have misunderstood the question!

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I realised it after sending…doh!

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