Show procedure constraints (Altitude, speed) directly on map


is it possible to get valid Constraints at the Waypoints along the planned Flight Path?
I know, that those Data are visible in the most AddOn Aircraft. But planning a Flight should include all available Informations. I.E. this could be realized in Form of an Overlay.

Hello! Thanks for posting.

What kind of constraints are you looking for? Altitude? Speed?

Sounds like this could be resolved if we chose to implement these two things:

Please clarify your requirements! If there is enough overlap with one of the above, perhaps we can update the existing one instead! The navlog would include altitudes, speed etc. and the vertical profile would visually show the planned altitude.

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Hi Malte,

thanks for your Answer.

Yes, Altitude and Speed Constraints.

But if possible only on those Waypoints along the planned Flight Route.

Would be very nice to see those Data within a Future Updat in Charts.

Greets, Joachim

Yes, a navlog should only include the waypoints that you have in your route.

Do you feel like your requirements would be fulfilled by any (or both) of the mentioned topics: Vertical profiles (VSD) and VFR Navlog?

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Unfortunately not.

What i mean, ist o see those Date on the Charts.

Please have a Look at this Chart. At the WP Spesa, there is an Altitude Constraint Value of 11000.

I want to see the Datas direct in the Chart.

Greets, Joachim

Aah, perfect! Thanks for the clarification. You want procedure restrictions. Great! Sounds like a cool idea, even if it would be a challenge to find a good-looking way to display it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

You don’t need to think much about the display of the Values.

I would suggest, displaying them right of the Waypoint Name in a selectable Colour.

Maybe yellow for the Night Mode and black or red for the Day Mode.

Hope, my Wish would be implemented in the great Charts Software as soon as possible.

Greetings, Joachim