WAHI Double Runways

Does double runways still need to be solved by scenery developers? I’ve contacted them and ask them about some of the solutions I found on Navigraph forum. I just wanted to clarify this again, maybe get some good info to be forwarded to scenery developer.

where can I find this addon scenery of WAHI? Because then I can say, what happened exactly …
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It’s a local scenery add-on on my local region store. I’ve already in contact with the developer and he said he’s rolling out an update. I’ll try to write the result here in the forum once I got the update.

Scenery marketplace page:
Project MAX - WAHI Yogyakarta International for MSFS2020 (onesimstore.com)

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thanks for the link - I have installed the scenery now but I can´t see any double runways … can you post a screenshot please?

… also, I have checked their settings and here also, all looks good:

I guess more, that´s on your system, a wrong scenery order in your content.xml file. Can you upload your content.xml file here please (you find the file here)? I don´t see any reason for a scenery update and also not that this helps you …

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Ah so it is already updated, maybe my downloader caches the old version. I’ll try deleting my older version and reinstall it again. I’ll let you know once I’ve tried it again. Thank you so much for the help.

I’ve just try to uninstall and reinstall the scenery and I can confirm the scenery update works. Thank you for your support.

Before update:

After update:

Here is my Content.xml just for reference:
Content.xml (4.9 KB)

Great, fast fix from the scenery designer … good stuff!
Thank you, I will mark your answer as “solution” …

PS: thanks for your content.xml file but this file looks perfect - it seems, it was really a scenery issue, that the designer now solved (I guess, they have added the “DeleteRunways = True” - because that statement overwrite the runways from any previous loaded scenery, like our´s)

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