LFOJ double runways


With the “Skydesigners” scenery of LFOJ i get double runways.

  • The squence in the “scenery packer order” is oke.

What could be wrong or should be fixed on the side of this addon scenery?

Strange thing is of there 3 sceneries, the other 2 (LFSC and LFQI) do work.

Any tips for the designers?


Hi Marcel,
I don´t have this scenery therefore only a assumption:

Possible, that the designer hadn´t set the “delete runways” flag in his scenery. That´s the only reason what I know at the moment (when the scenery order is correct as you wrote) why you can see double runways …

When my assumption is not correct, the scenery designer can contact us whenever he wants - we try to helping where we can and we have fixed a few such things in cooperation with different scenery designer.

Let me know, when I can do more for you,
Merry Christmas,

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Thanks for the quick reply, have forwarded your response to them.

Hope they can fix it.

Very X-mas!


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