VVTS: ILS 07R procedure(s) missing

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maybe there’s something missing in the database.

I can see an ILS in LittleNavMap (111.70), I find ILS 07R sheeds in more up to date airport charts.

But there’s no approach procedure for ILS07R - not in LittleNavMap, not in the sim (A32NX MCDU).

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please can you post the whole chart and your official source to this because on this screenshot we don´t see nothing according the currentness of data.

When this is more up to date, why has the VORDME the ident TSN instead of TSA? Why is the navaid frequency differ - in your up to date chart it´s 116.7 - our chart shows me 116.8 …

So, please post the whole chart, that we see the date of the chart and also the official source of this.

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Sorry, I took this one (the respective chart is dated 2014):

I don’t know if your own charts have an ILS procedure there (cause I didn’t book the charts abo).

BTW: “more up to date” didn’t mean more up to date than yours. It just meant “not totally old”.

I have checked it now against the AIP Vietnam. The chart is outdated and I haven´t found there is no own ILS 07R approach existing, but I have found an ILS, which is also included in our data.


Thanks, Richard.
So they got rid of this approach. Good to know.

Yep, but I´m with you - it´s a little bit strange, that there is an localizer/glideslope but no specific approach for it. But there are no charts for this approach and I guess, therefore we have also no data/chart for this too. Sorry …


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AIP Supplement A34/21:

Cancellation of instrument approach charts ILS RWY
07R. The adjusted flight procedures shall be published
and implemented soon.

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